Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Constructing Eye Timisoara 3

I noticed this rather nondescript building in  in one of my earliest walks in Timisoara, It looks pretty wrecked, but as I looked more carefully, I began to see what was there and what was missing.

This ornamentation of this building is symmetrical.  There are two decorated facades with a raised roof on each side of the building's entrance.  On the left hand facade, there is a face in the center.

Above the face are the organic shapes of trees.

On the right facade, the face is missing.

In viewing many of the relatively unrepaired buildings in Timisoara, I realized that I would have to use traces that remain to reconstruct imaginatively what once might have been there

Here is another seemingly nondescript building I tried to figure out.

While it is beyond sad that so many of these magnificent buildings have been left to crumble, it is nevertheless a kind of visual treasure.  The eye does not simply receive the building's aesthetic; it also constructs it. And in this construction, one sees in a different way.

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