Saturday, September 30, 2017

Chicago Art Deco

A couple of weeks ago my Louisville friend Susan and I met in Chicago for a wonderful weekend.  One of the many terrific things we did was take a walking tour of Chicago Art Deco skyscrapers offered by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  (Thank you Susan!).  Chicago has wonderful architecture:  Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as modernist.  The tour was really interesting and very informative.  My pictures aren't great because I was shooting with a small point-and-shoot and running to keep up with the group.  But here are some of the things I saw and some of the things I learned from the great tour guide and docent Bill Coffin.

Art Deco was officially born in the Paris Exposition of 1925 (though to my mind it also comes out of Art Nouveau and Vienna  Secession).

Chicago Art Deco is perpindicular.

Its interiors (which are what we concentrated on in the tour) are dominated by straight lines.

It has great elevators.

And stylized ornaments such as wheat and sunflowers.  

It also has amazing mailboxes.  

Gorgeous in its details.

#Chicago ArchitecturalFoundation

Friday, September 1, 2017

Lake Medora From the Air

Last week our great friends Bobby and  Marilyn visited us from their new home  in SC.  Bobby, always up to date with new technologies (and gadgets), took these great pictures from an aerial camera.  Above you see our house, with the dock leading into the lake,   Below are more wonderful pictures of this beautiful spot--but this time seen from a new angle.

Here's our house from another viewpoint:

And here we are at our fire (also courtesy of Bobby):