Friday, September 2, 2016

On the Road Again!

Yes we did it!  Cindy (who has been walking for about two weeks after hip surgery) and I (who have been walking hardly at all) today walked together on the dirt road behind our house.

This is something we have done, every day we can, ever since I moved up to Lake Medora.  Everyday, we could, we would walk with the dogs up the road and back, talking about all kinds of things--serious and silly.  The distance of the walk became the background of our talking.  And the day was shaped by the fact that it began with this walk.  

At the beginning of the summer, the prospect of us walking together, at least this year, seemed impossible.  But here we are.  The picture above is the start of our walk.  And the picture below is the finish (right after we did a little victory dance, hands raised in the air, to the Rocky tune).

Yes, we still hurt. Yes, we go more slowly,  And no we don't go as far.  But we are on the road again.



Susan Griffin said...


Debra Journet said...

The physical therapist said I should just start doing things--not worry too much about whether it hurts. It sill does hurt but nothing like it was before.

Frost said...

Glad to hear!!