Monday, September 21, 2015

Writing. Back in the Zone.

I have been kind of worried because for all my euphoria about deciding to write a book about Hungarian architecture, I haven't been able to sit myself down and do it.  I did keep telling myself that this is not untypical for me. I often have trouble getting started.  But I wasn't sure if this time my inability to start was because I didn't have the same kind of impetus I used to.  Was this just a kind of fantasy?  Or would I really do it?

Well, today I decided to just sit down and try to write.  I sat down at the computer about 10:30 and looked up at 1:30.  And I had no sense of so much time passing.  I was "in the zone."

Being "in the zone" is every writer's dream.  It's when you are able to write and you are so caught up in it, you forget everything else.  I usually don't "get in the zone" til I have something to edit.  But today, mainly because I have software constraints for the book, I was able to achieve pure concentration.  I know it won't always be that way (I did start with a part that I have pretty thoroughly read about already and didn't need a lot of research), but it can happen.  Whew.

In other news, for those of you who are interested, I found my driver's license!  It was in a pocket of a pair of pants I could have sworn I (and Tony) had checked repeatedly.  (I know I pulled everything out of my closet an went through everything before putting it back in place.  But who knows?)  So I no longer need the useless "empathy" for my plight all the officials offered who were not able to help me replace my license short of appearing in person in Kentucky.

I just read Jonathan Franzen's new book Purity which I really liked.  Not as good as The Corrections, but better than Freedom.  I am now reading The Girl in the Spider's Web, the faux continuation of Stieg Larsson's Millenium Series.  I guess I would say it's okay, as long as you don't connect it to the original books.  But in relation to what Larsson achieved, it's not even close.

Happily, summer has returned to Lake Medora.  (A post on that to come).  We have gorgeous weather and the leaves are just starting to turn.  It's weather to be cheerful in!

Finally, and most importantly, I wish everyone a happy new year.  (We are now in the year 5776.)  Tony and I are fortunate to share the new year with the congregation of Temple Jacob in Hancock MI:  a small, beautiful temple, with a small and welcoming congregation.  It was wonderful to go back this year.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sunset Cruise on Lake Medora

Yesterday, our Houghton friends Jill and Randy FINALLY came up to the lake.  (They are directly across from us.)  They invited us over for the perfect summer dinner:  grilled hamburgers, grilled corn, and home-grown tomatoes.  Just Yummy.  Then, we took a cruise around the lake on their boat.  It was such a beautiful evening; we just kept saying how lucky we are to be here.  
Our house from the boat

Sunset over Lake Medora

The little island we kayak around

Reflections on the water