Tuesday, October 30, 2018

If you can vote, VOTE!

 Tony and I voted today because next Tuesday (shriek) we will be in the Baltics.

Kentucky doesn't have in person early voting unless you will be out of the country, are over a certain age,  or have physical issues of various sorts.  Nevertheless, the line was long (hurray!).  I was proud to vote for John Yarmouth, the only (as of now) Democrat in the KY delegation.  Maybe this will auger well for Amy McGrath in KY6.

I also wrote letters for Vote Forward,, which Tony is taking to the post office today.

I love to vote.  And in this election I particularly loved to vote.

In the Vote Forward letters I did, I wrote "Vote for our country."  I hope everyone who reads this blogpost and who can vote will.

Thursday, we are leaving for the Baltics which are 6 hours ahead of us.  So I will go to bed Tuesday night without knowing the results (yikes).  I hope my country and I wake up to better news.

PS  I'm not bringing my computer to the Baltics, thus blog posts about this trip will appear when we get back.  Though I may post some on Facebook.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Tony and I love martinis, but they are a special treat, not for everyday.  We always drink them,  though, when we got to the Harbor Haus, a beautiful restaurant in Copper Harbor, which has the best martinis in the Keweenaw.  Indeed, we number them among our favorite martinis in general.  Every time we go to the Harbor Haus is a little celebration, and every time we go there, we have a martini.  Here are some in all their glory.