Monday, October 17, 2016

Superior | Siblings #2: Sandy Visits Lake Medora and We See Eagles.

Right after Ben left my sister Sandy Mutchler arrived.  It was her first visit to Lake Medora, and I think she fell in love with it.  We did lots of walks and drives, but one day we drove by Eagle Rock (on M26)--where Ben and I had earlier visited hoping to see the eagles that nest here, but no luck.  This time, however, we had great views.  (Sorry Ben!).


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Superior | Siblings #1: Ben Visits Lake Medora and We See Mushrooms.

A couple of weeks ago my brother Ben Somberg came to visit us at Lake Medora.  Ben loves to take pictures, especially of birds.  (He is a great bird photographer).  He and I went on several photography expeditions along Lake Superior.  On the west side, (M26 from Copper Harbor down to Eagle River), we saw basically one bird: a sparrow.  Big disappointment.

But the next day we went along the east side (facing the bay), and we saw an amazing collection of mushrooms.  On one of the turnouts, we were in a kind of Mushroom Museum.  Everywhere we looked there was another one. (Apparently this year has seen an rivaled mushroom crop in the Keweenaw).  So no birds, but fungi forever.

PS  Next one up is Sandy.