Friday, January 30, 2015

We Are Off!

Hapsburg Gates at Buda Castle
Statue of Prince Eugene de Savoy who liberated Hungary from the Ottomans in 1697

Tomorrow we fly to Budapest.

Bags packed, weighed, re-packed, re-weighed.  Check.

Reading material chosen and assembled.  Check.

Electronic devices and all their plugs and cables sorted and packed. Check.

House-sitter ready; tax extension signed; 3 month supply of meds acquired; hair cut; opera tickets bought; I could go on.  Check

Next time I blog I should be jet-lagged but happy.


Caree Risover said...

Bon Voyage

Debra Journet said...

Thanks! We are in Detroit waiting to get on a plane to Amsterdam. Someone actually asked me if you could fly directly from Louisville to Budapest. Uh, no.

Barrie Harvey said...

So exciting! Can't wait to follow you on your next adventure, Debra!

Debra Journet said...

Thanks Barrie. And I will want to hear all about your next adventures as well.