Sunday, January 18, 2015

Varieties of Lake Life

There are numerous ways to relax and enjoy Lake Medora


One of these is Cindy's drink and one is mine.

Hiking with friends

Doug and Susan

Mags and Ken

Bobby and Marilyn

Playing with dogs

Sparky and Lucy watching their version of "TV"

Sparky probably just having eaten a Beggin Bit

Marilyn and her sweet Pegeen

And their owners
Marilyn and Tony

Entertaining friends who row over to see us
Cindy, Dickie and the dogs on Cleopatra's Barge

Snacks on the deck

Susan showing good form

Ralph Lauren getting ready to kayak


The little speck is me, on my way back from swimming across the lake


Mags and Ken

Playing games

Jay and Susan playing Scrabble

Playing Golf
Bobby getting ready to practice swing

And Tony swinging through

My primary retirement plan.

Or just admiring your Minnetonkas

They're mine!


  1. The bathing suit and towel on the line is my favorite. Essence of Debra at Medora.

  2. It sings to me as well. So hoping we will be sharing Lake Medora this summer.