Friday, January 8, 2016

Where We Are Staying in Budapest

We aren't exactly staying here.
This is one of the Klotild Towers which is near Ferenciak ter.
We are also staying near Ferenciack ter, so it's in the nneighborhood!

We are going to spend March in Budapest.  Why?  We love Budapest.  We want to go back.  I need to take more pictures for my book. Our wonderful landlord John Farago of Budapest Vaction Rentals can accommodate us. 

This time we are staying in Apartment Olive. Check it out; it's really gorgeous. 

We now have our plane tickets and the contract on the apartment.  Next, I will start buying opera and symphony tickets!

What larks!



Susan Griffin said...

What a beautiful and cozy place! It is the opposite of impersonal. AND: you will be looking at the same Palio poster we have (the most important thing)! The whole trip will be wonderful.

Caree Risover said...

Something to look forward to and plan whilst the long dark winter nights are still with us!