Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We Are Buying a Condo!

We have a contract on a condo!  Those of you who live in Louisville will recognize it as 1400 Willow.  And while it looks like a high-rise apartment building anywhere, it's actually located just across from Cherokee Park.  (Cherokee Park is in the Highlands, where we live, and is a Fredrick Law Olmstead Park, which is one of the reasons we so much wanted to stay in this area.)   We are on the eighth floor in the front, overlooking Cherokee Triangle and the Park itself.  It has several things we most wanted:  it's in a secure building (so we can just walk away when we go to Michigan in the summer or on other trips); it has an elevator (so we can live here even if our legs eventually give out); it's in the Highlands.

There are very few buildings that fulfill all these criteria, and we have been hoping since last May.  This is the first and only unit we've seen that checks all our boxes.  So we jumped on it.  We saw it on Monday evening the first day it came on the market, and by Tuesday afternoon, we had an accepted contract.  We still need to go through all the preliminaries (inspection, appraisal, etc.) but we foresee no difficulties.  Here are pictures from the listing service; remember this is not our furniture or style.

Entry Hall

Living Room. The back wall is all windows overlooking the park.

Dining Room.  



Breakfast Nook

Second Bedroom/Den

Eventually we plan to redocorate, but that's a bit down the road,until we have settled in (and our finances have some breathing room.)  We are up to our ears right now, renovating our house so we can sell it.  So we are going to wait til we've lived in it a bit.

I have never made such an important decision so quickly.  Tony and I usually belong to the Undeciders, senior level.  But given the absolute lack of anything else (and how much we really like this building), we uncharacteristically jumped right in.

#1400 Willow


Caree Risover said...

Exciting times - how different the apartment looks on the inside from what I expected from the outside. Light, spacious and classical. I'm sure you'll love it.

Debra Journet said...

Yes, and it's very different from the house we live in now--a classic center hall colonial, built in 1927. The condo is all about the view; it's like living in a birdhouse. But the best part is no more external maintenance (leaves, snow removal, paint, etc) and the ability to close the door and walk out. No more house worries when we are in Michigan or Europe.

Tracy Altieri said...

Congratulations! We still have this task facing us when we return from FL. I'm not looking forward to it!

Debra Journet said...

Yes, it's a lot more work than buying the Michigan house. Cleaning out and doing some renovations on a house we have lived in for 27 years is definitely. Also going from 2400 sf to 1600 is a challenge. But I know it will feel great when it's done..