Sunday, February 8, 2015

We Live Four Blocks From a Jazz Club

We live right off Raday Utca, a long street with lots of restaurants and bars.  One of those places is the IF Cafe, a small restaurant/bar with a different jazz group EVERY NIGHT.  It takes us approximately 10 minutes to walk and there we are: at a real jazz club.  We went in one night last week just for the last 30 minutes of a duo playing keyboard and jazz guitar.  Lovely and mellow.  Last night we went for the whole performance of a string jazz quartet, consisting of two acoustic guitars, a bass and violin.  The music was quick, lively and brilliant.  It just took over the room.

We had a couple of drinks, then ordered dinner with a bottle of wine.  That plus the cover charge for the music came to about $60.  However, it is quite fine to just come for a drink and music. The fact that we can, any night of the week, simply walk down our street and be in a jazz bar is one of the most amazing aspects of living in Budapest.  


  1. Aaron says he's coming to visit!

  2. You have me thinking. We have been talking about where our move of choice would be to. Although rural people by background and history, we haven't ruled out living in a town or city where everything we want is within walking distance rather than continue being dependent on a car as we are in a village. Curiously statistics released in the UK show that country dwellers walk approximately only half the distance of those who live in cities!
    Enjoy the music!

  3. We definitely walk more here than we do normally. But that is partly because walking around the city is what we mainly came here to do. But it is feasible to walk in European cities in ways that it just isn't in many mid-sized American cities. There's more interesting things to look at and the scale of the city (and the public transport) makes walking more pleasurable than it would be in , say, Louisville KY!