Friday, February 20, 2015

Villas in Buda. Budapest Architecture

Kelenhegyi uti-Studio-apartment building.  Guyula Kosztolanyi-Kann.  1902

Yesterday we walked over the Szabadgseg Bridge to the foot of Buda, right before the famous Gellert Hotel and Baths.  From there we wandered around looking at beautiful old houses.  One of the most beautiful was the blue building above.  It was designed by Gyula Kosztolanyi-Kann, a painter who also designed a few buildings/  This was a series of artists' studios (hence the big windows) and flats.  It has gorgeous secessionist motifs

We then just wandered through the neigborhood finding interesting buildings here and there.

We finished with one of Odon Lechner's last buildings.  Apparently it was built for his brother, but Lechner was dissatisfied with some of the workmanship and had it redone.  The mounting costs caused a break between the brothers.  Plus ca change.

These beautiful airy houses are different from many of those in Pest.  Buda feels more like the country, a beautiful place to live.

After our stroll, we had lunch at the famous Gellert Hotel and Baths.  (Smoked trout salad for me and crumbed black pudding for Tony, for those interested in gastronomy!)

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