Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rumbach Street Synagogue. Budapest Architecture.

There are three famous synagogues in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest.  The Dohany Street Synagogue, built in 1854-59, the largest synagogue in Europe; the Kazincky Street Orthodox Synagogue (subject of an earlier post); and the Rumbach Street Synagogue, built in 1872.  While the first two still function as synagogues, the Rumbach Street synagogue, not fully renovated, does not.   

The Rumbach Street Synagogue was designed by the Viennese architect Otto Wagner and is the only known building of his in Budapest.  It is built in the shape of an octagon and is said to have been an homage to the Dome of the Rock, a pilgramage site for Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem. The interior has been partially restored.

What was most remarkable to me was the richness of the color and the decoration.

From the outside


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