Sunday, November 26, 2017

What Else DId We See in Segovia?

Segovia is a gorgeous little city.  It sits atop a hill on a plain in the midst of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains. The surrounding mountains, as seen from the roof terrace of our hotel are beautiful.  Specifically is in in the midst of a sub-range called Mujer Muerte as it is said to resemble the figure of a dead (reclining) woman.

Segovia has its requisite of interesting buildings, including a cathedral and various churches.

But its real beauty, I think, comes from a kind of aesthetic wholeness I did not experience in any of the other cities we visited this trip.  The wholeness is a product of the rich ochre color of many of the buildings, especially, as the sun lights them; the lack (aside from business signs) of any sense of modernity; the crowded and jumbled streets, creating the feeling of so many more details to see and wonder at.

But mostly I came away from Segovia as a "textured" city:  textured not only by history but also textured on facades of its buildings.  This appears not only in the sculptural and structural details of buildings, such as the images above, but also by the way buildings are inscribed with patterns,

I think all this texture reflects the texture of Segovia's past and all the people who  have lived here----Romans, Moors, Christians, Jews.


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  1. Okay, Segovia just moved way up on my list of places to visit.