Sunday, November 26, 2017

What Did We See in Segovia? (Hint: It's an Acqueduct)

When we left Barcelona to fly back to the  US we went through the new extra security protocol for flying into the States.  Most people got the usual "did anyone give you anything to take with you," etc.  But we were pulled over, randomly I have to guess, for extra inquiry.  "Where did you go in Spain?" asked the security man; "Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, and Barcelona," we obediently answered.  "What did you see in Segovia?" he further asked.  Our minds went blank.  (It was an early morning flight, we had gotten up extra early to get to the airport in time, we were barely awake, etc.)  Eventually we fell back on what seemed an accurate, if generic, answer.  "We saw the Synagogue and the Cathedral."  He then asked what we did:  "retired."  "What did you use to do?" "Teachers."  What kind of teachers, high school?"  "College," we answered.  "Where did you teach," he asked looking directly at me.  Finally a question for which I had a specific answer:  "The  University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky."  That must have been enough because we were then told we could board the plane.

I start with this silly anecdote because, as we eventually realized in our drowsy (and in my case still nightly semi-drugged state), the main thing people see in Segovia is the Roman Acqueduct.

The Acqueduct is an amazing sight.  Of course we knew Segovia had an acqueduct, but we had no idea how impressive it was.

It is also the very first thing you see when you get off the bus that brings you from the train station, up the hill. to Segovia itself.

Somewhere over the Atlantic, Tony and  I figured out what the correct answer to the security man's question was.

What else did we see in Segovia?  Stay tuned for the next post.


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  1. Had to chuckle - imagine if entry to the USA were to be based on an observation test, there's a huge number of us who would be refused entry!