Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pure Michigan. On the Road to Lake Medora

After a boring first day of driving across Indiana, we entered Michigan for our next two days of the 900 mile drive to our part of the Upper Peninsula:  Lake Medora, situated in the Keweenaw, about 5 miles south of Copper Harbor.

As our drive progressed, the scenery got wilder, and the season receded.  While it was almost summer in Louisville, we saw spring turning backwards as we went north.

At the end of Day 2, we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge and were on the Upper Peninsula.

Day 3, we headed west and the north, up to the very top of the UP, where everything becomes even wilder and more beautiful still..

Finally comes the drive from Houghton to Lake Medora.

And now we are home, waiting for our second spring.



Cindy Selfe said...

YESSSSS!!! There is nothing like that feeling of driving into the far North and all its glorious wildness!

Caree Risover said...

After seeing your photographs, I understand why that lengthy drive is worth every mile

Tracy Altieri said...

It sems as though there is always a long and boring state to be traveled through before arriving at your destination. For me, it's Pennsylvania (sorry if there are any Pennsylvania lovers). Love your pictures!