Tuesday, May 16, 2017

From My Window: Watching the Spring Come In.

 We have been watching spring and the trees coming in through our window.

 In the middle of all this bursting and blooming, we had a tremendous rainbow,  It arched over the building and was at one point almost a double.  So hard to take its picture.

Then a few weeks later we were treated to another explosion of color.  Every year, two weeks before the Kentucky Derby, Louisville puts on a big fireworks show called Thunder Over Louisville.  We were completely surprised to discover we could see it from our very own window. (Again, very hard to take its picture, but it was definitely another spectacle.)

Now we are pretty much in full green mode.

But next week we plan to leave for Michigan, where spring has barely begun.  Get to see the leaves come in all over again!

(Picture courtesty of the wonderful Jill Burkland, who has a cottage just across the lake.)



Cindy Selfe said...


Yaaaaaaay Medora!!! See you there--we should arriving by the end of May!!


Debra Journet said...

We hope to be there next Friday 5/26!

Dickie said...

See you on the lake! Another spring in order for us all.

Susan Griffin said...

Your own Rouen cathedral!

Debra Journet said...

Well I had not quite thought of it that way 😀

Tracy Altieri said...

What a lovely view you have from your windows! Safe travels to Michigan. Let the summer begin!