Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Budapest. A GREAT Night at the Cafe IF

Those of you who have follwed us before know we live about four blocks from a fantastic jazz club.  It features a different act every night, but we have been going long enough now to recognize players we have heard before.  Last night we went to the IF for a jazz trio.  The pianist, an amazingly talented man named Gaspar Karoly, was playing with a bass and drummer.  Well, it turned out that it was the drum player's birthday and the club was filled with musicians.  What started as a trio became a huge jam.  We ended up with the piano player, two drummers, three bass players, two trumpets, a clarinetist and a guitarist.

We also sat next to a very nice Hungarian man and his Swedish colleague, both of whom love jazz and the US but who are bothered by You Know Who.  The Hungarian man and I agreed that though we had both been to the IF many times, this night was special.  First-class, world-class jazz we all agreed.  The little video that follows is terrible. I was trying to figure out how to shoot video on my camera (something I've never done before).  But it gives a little sense of how lively the evening was.

UPDATED TO INCLUDE MUSIC IDS,  Sorry the video is so bad; it doesn't do any justice at all to the amazing music in that room.

Károly Gáspár In the video shown: Csomós Feri Popovics - drums, Joe Fritz - clarinet, Gábor Szalay - guitar, Kalle Strandell - trumpet, horn, Gáspár Károly - piano, Viktor Hárs - bass, Péter Czakó - bass


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Cindy Selfe said...

What great fun and what a terrific musical evening that must have been!! I'm totally envious!!!