Monday, February 8, 2016

I Am Stressed

I feel completely disoriented.  Our house is a mess.  Downstairs, we  have workers in almost every day: stripping wallpaper, prepping walls, applying plaster to ceilings, eventually painting, repairing electrics, removing carpet.  Upstairs, I am going through about 800 books, trying to reduce them to 300.  Going from 9 bookcases to 3, and that's not counting Tony's books, which is totally his problem!  I have gone through layers and layers of our and my parents' shared histories, reducing about 12 boxes of memorabilia to 6.  I have gotten rid of all kinds of clothes I no longer wear.  I am constantly organizing and throwing away. Next weekend is "Junk PickUp" for our neighborhood, when we can put anything out (except computers), and it will be carted away.  By next weekend, all the "stuff" from the garage, basement, and attic will be gone.

The house no longer seems ours.

Three weeks from today I am going to Budapest.  It seemed like such a good idea in December, before we had found even one condo that suited our needs. I plan to have a very good time and leave all this behind.  Definitely.

My current plan is to have everything weeded out before we leave.  When we come back April 1, we will own the condo.  We will then "stage" the house, by taking everything our realtor wants out of the house to the condo.  Directly after that, the house will go on the market, and we will then live in a denuded house, until it sells.

I am stressed.  I am excited.  But I am stressed.  I try in my mind to place our furniture in the condo,, but even with pictures and drawings and measurements, I can't figure out what will go where.  I am stressed.

I am also excited.  I know that by sometime this spring or summer, we will have achieved what we have been wanting for two years: to sell our house, to move into something smaller and easier to care for, and to live in Louisville in a new way.  Still I am stressed,



Caree Risover said...

No, in retirement you mustn't do stress - just abound with adrenalin!

Debra Journet said...

I have adrenalin. Yes, yes. I have adrenalin. Adrenalin. Yes.