Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Summer in the Keweenaw Part 2

Prosciutto with fresh peaches
Now that it's October I must officially declare summer in the Keweenaw closed.  Anything else that happens to come along will be "Indian Summer."  The second part of summer featured FOOD!  Fruits and vegetables this far north have a very short growing season.  And all the good stuff I am used to eating from June on in Louisville are only really fresh here in September.  So we ate it with gusto.

We ate tomatoes--all the kinds we could get and in every dish we could manage:

Fresh tomato pasta

 Big salads with tomatoes, peaches, melon.

Now everything is almost over and we're back to more labor-intensive food.  (With fresh fruits and vegetables, all you really do is slice.)

I have spent a bunch of time trying to work on my book.  However I had a big glitch.  I had installed DropBox a while ago and was trying to get rid of it. I had uninstalled it and resigned from the site.  But it still looked like my Desktop was somehow inserted in DropBox.  I tried to delete the desktop from DropBox, figuring it was just a mirror.  But it was a BIG mistake.  I deleted my desktop--all the files that is--permanently.  Mostly this was copies of pictures I had photoshopped for my picture book, and I was able to recover a lot of them.  But I lost my Blurb files as well.  So I have to rebuild the picture book from scratch if I want (and I do) to revise it.  This, plus trying to figure out how to compose text so that it's in the right format for Kindle and a tradebook, has taken up a lot of time.

Finally, September ended with a total eclipse of a blood, super moon.  (Not sure what all that means but it was huge.)  My pictures of the eclipse itself are pretty mediocre.  e.g., 

But I got up a few hours later and wandered into the living room.  It seemed like morning.  The moon itself was bright, you could almost read by it.



Tracy Altieri said...

Marvelous food photos, and marvelous moon! It does seem as though working on your book has encountered some obstacles. I hope things improve!

Debra Journet said...

Technology is a blessing and a curse. There is a fairly steep learning curve with the book software but I get pretty compulsive about this kind of stuff.