Thursday, May 7, 2015


We left Budapest at 3:45 AM on Thursday April 30 and arrived in Louisville at 6:00 PM April 30. (Don't forget to factor in the six hour time difference.) In a word: exhausting.  Obviously I was being extremely optimistic when I said blogging would return over the weekend.

Everything went well on the trip back, re connections, etc. (Though getting a cab from the Louisville airport, usually a simple task, was wretched on the afternoon of the Thursday before Derby.) Note for the future:  a 6:10 AM flight is just too early.  Basically no sleep at all the night before.  Results: more jet-lagged than anticipated. Everything is harder as you get older; how nice to be retired!

We will be in Louisville for 3 weeks until we leave for the lake.  We are now proceding through a series of (regular) doctor, dentist, financial, etc. checkups, that should--we hope--get us through the next six months.  These, however, are far too boring to blog about.  So this blog will, for the next couple of weeks, be going back to Budapest--until we leave for the lake.

I am behind on blogging and behind on commenting to friends' blogs.  But I am back and look forward to being blog-active again!