Tuesday, April 28, 2015


This is my last post from Budapest; we leave tomorrow night for our long flight back to the US.  However, it is NOT my last post ABOUT Budapest.  I still have hundreds of things I want to write about and show pictures of.  These Budapest-themed posts will now sit within the context of our US lives, so there will also be posts about Louisville and Lake Medora in the Michigan Upper Peninsula.  So if you are following this blog because you're interested on my experiences in Budapest, please stay and read.  If you're mainly here because you're interested in what Tony and I are up to, also please stay.  Blogging will return over the weekend.

For the last post in Budapest, I am leaving pictures of some of the WONDERFUL desserts I ate in here.  Budapest actually rekindled my love of desserts which had sort of grown dormant.  I think it's because Budapest desserts tend, on the one hand, to be simpler than American desserts (which often have 10+ things on top of one another) but on the other, to be more intense in flavors, especially all the sour cherry and strawberry sorbets and sauces that adorn them.  

Also, this post is dedicated to my dear friend Susan, who I know takes pleasure in my pleasure :)


  1. it's a sweet ending to your blog.

  2. Blog will continue; unfortunately the desserts will not!

  3. I confess that I do love pictures of other people's food! I'm not sure why that is! I look forward to your adventures once you have returned stateside!

  4. Just read this today. I usually hate photos of people's meals, but these are
    a) beautiful images
    b) have content that I (deeply) care about
    c) make me wonder if deciding to go to Greece this Spring, rather than Eastern Europe, was a mistake!

  5. Thanks!

    Greece is wonderful. But I do think the desserts are better in Hungary!