Monday, January 1, 2018

A Stroll Through Modernista Barcelona

In Barcelona it's Modernista--just like it's Art Nouvau in Paris or Secession in Vienna and  Budapest,  A wholly (but nevertheless eerily similar) way of doing architecture around the turn of the twentieth century.  Totally seductive and constantly surprising.

Domenech i Montaner.  Casa Albert Lleo i Morera.  1905

Puig i Cadalfach.  Casa Antoni Amatller.  1900

Domenech i Montaner.  Editorial Montaner i Simon.   (Now Tapaies Foundation).  1880.

Puig I Cadalfach.  Casa Bartomeu Terrades i Brutau.  1905.

Gaudi,  Le Pedera.  (Casa Pere Mila.)  191-

Bassegoda i Amigo.  Cases Antonio Rocamora.  1917.

Domenech i Estapa.  Catalana de Gas i Electricitat.  1895.

 Gaudi.  Palau du Guell.  1886-1890

Domenech i Montaner.  Palau de la Musica Catalana.  1908.

Gaudi.  Casa Calvet. 1900.

I could  go on and on. . . .

What treasures, and this is just scratching the surface of the most famous buildings.  I could spend a long time (maybe a month?) getting to know these delights.  Hmmm . . . .

PS  The pictures are mine, but the identifications come f rom A Stroll Through Modernista Barcelona.  Lluis Permanyer.  Ediciones Poligrafa.  1999. 


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Cindy Selfe said...


Very cool, indeed—love the combinaion of curves and more traditional elements!! A very cool building!!

C., from Fairhope