Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Spain! Travelling in Retirement I

This summer Tony and  I decided  to maximize the (somewhat waning) abilities of our bodies for strenuous travel and to do two trips  a year.  We decided to go to Spain this fall.  Next year we hope to go to Budapest in February and to the Baltic states in autumn.

Our itinerary:  November 1:  Fly to Madrid, five nights; train  to Segovia, two nights; train  to Toledo, two nights; train to Barcelona, 4 nights. November 15: Fly home from Barcelona.  It seemed a great plan when we made the reservations.

Since then, Catalonia (Barcelona) has declared independence, and Spain has entered into its most serious constitutional crisis since 1978.  We are watching the news with care.  We still plan to go to Barcelona at the end, as we have  to fly home from there.  But whether we will spend four days there or go somewhere else and  then get to Barcelona the night before leaving depends on what's going on.  We are pretty hopeful at this point we will be able to enjoy Barcelona, so fingers crossed for an easy trip.

Still it will  be strenuous.  Not just the overseas flights, but  also all the to-ing and fro-ing of three train trips (with connections), the wheeling of luggage, the getting  to various hotels, etc.  It's not an endurance trial, of course, but it does take energy.  How many more years can we wheel our luggage around Europe?  I  hope a lot, but just in case, we are going to do as much travel as our bodies and budget can afford.

All my life I said I would travel in retirement.  I love to travel and traveled a lot when I was working.  But now the impetus is stronger. Next year both Tony and I will  turn 70.  Who knows what will happen. Of course whoever knows what will happen.  But this seems to be the kairotic moment:  carpe diem.

Travelling light, I'm  taking an ipad not a computer.  So I won't be blogging from Spain, though I will be on the internet.  I hope to do some Spain  posts when I return.

Hasta luego!



  1. Love the carpe diem 'tude, buddy!!!! 😎✌🏼👏🏼👍🏼🍷

  2. Enjoy and will await your return for the blog entries (NB plural)

  3. My nephew and his wife have just returned form a wonderful trip to Spain. I hope that yours is just as wonderful!