Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On the First Day of My Seventieth Year

As I approach the first day of my seventieth year (and reading Proust with Tony), I turn in search of les temps perdu.

With my mother in Manning SC.

At home in Manning.

At the beach (I think this is Myrtle Beach as it was long ago) with my mother.  (Notice the matching Tar Heel tee-shirts.)

At (I think Wrightsville) Beach with my parents Harriet and Sy Somberg.

"Little Miss Manning."  (Yes it is true. . . . )

With my grandparents, Jack and Sally Goldstein, at their house in Manning.

(Thank you Ben for giving me another year!)



sjsm said...

Happy Birthday Eve. The photos are lovely and made me teary. I love you . .

Ben Somberg said...

Seventieth? I thought you were turning 69. Happy birthday in any regards!

Cindy Selfe said...

Oh my, are you **cute** or what!!!????

Debra Journet said...

Well I certainly was. 😋

Debra Journet said...

OMG you are right! Thank you for giving me another year!

Susan Griffin said...

Love, love, love the photos.
You are technically right, though, that, when you turn 69, you begin your 70th year--right? After turning 1, the child begins her 2nd year.

Debra Journet said...


Caree Risover said...

I determined to celebrate my fiftieth year with all manner of activities but in the end was so busy that they petered out. I am presently in my sixtieth year and this time even forgot that was the case until I read your post. Note made to self: diary entry necessary for my seventieth year. In the meantime many congratulations on your birthday and I hope you get to celebrate the whole year in style.

Debra Journet said...

Oh, you are Young!