Monday, March 20, 2017


These two little replicas of houses in the Old Town (Stare Mesto) square now sit in our living room.  The one of the left was bought when we were in Prague 15 years ago in 2002, the one on the right was bought on this trip in 2017.

Here is a picture of them "in real life":

The one on the leftt is called "The Storch House,"  The building itself is from the 15th century but was reconstructed in neo-Renaissance and neo-Gothic style in 1896-1897 for the bookseller and publisher Alexander Storch.  The facade is adorned with a mural of St Wenceslas (the patron saint of Bohemia) and the three Magi.  The mural was designed by the famous Czech painter Mikol Ales.  Here are some details.

The one on the right is the House of the Stone Ram, which is named after the relief of a young girl with a ram (or unicorn). It was here that Albert Einstein played his violin for musical friends, such as Kafka. It also has a beautiful door.

Now their "children" live in Louisville on our bookcase, next to a plate I bought in a little village outside of Budapest.

PS  Though I am actually in Louisville, my blog is still wandering round Eastern Europe, as I have several more posts about Budapest and Prague, all of which are more interesting than anything happening here at home.

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sjsm said...

Beautiful photos. I'm excited to see more. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Cindy Selfe said...

Welcome back, buddy!! Love the Wenceslas mural and the stone ram girl--I can picture your mind's eye still roaming the streets of Prague!

Susan Griffin said...

How wonderful to have these vivid reminders of your trips and your new and growing knowledge.

Caree Risover said...

Wonderful mementoes but how many more trips must you make to get the whole square?

Debra Journet said...

We were just talking about this tonight.