Friday, July 15, 2016

Whither Summer?

What happened to summer?  Between the weather and my hamstring, it has been a very indoor season.  We have had lots of rain, and when the sun does come out, the weather is cool, the water is COLD, and it is difficult to believe we have reached the middle of  July.  (Today we are in the fifties, and we are still sleeping with three blankets.)

My garden looks ragged and unkempt because I can’t bend down to work in it. 

My hamstring and also my piriformis (which I didn’t even know I had) are still acting up.  I started Physical Therapy, but the stretching exercises the PT gave me made it worst . We agreed I probably over-stretched; I am not a patient patient. I am supposed to avoid anything that hurts, which includes walking, sitting, and eventually standing if I stand to long.  Which basically means lying down.   We discussed that these things take time, and we regretfully agreed that everything happens more slowly as you age.  (Just insert your favorite expletive here).

Luckily, there is reading. 



Caree Risover said...

Oh yes the frustrating part of the ageing process: you still feel 18 inside but your body keeps creaking and takes ages to repair none of which is helped by the weather. If it is any consolation we are having a somewhat chilly summer too, dominated by wind and showers. It just feels like a never ending April

Debra Journet said...

It's sort of nice to think we are connected by weather!

Tracy Altieri said...

So sorry for your continued hamstring issue! We have had a dry, hot, summer. The grass crunches underfoot and watering is a fruitless pursuit. We'd have to run the hose 24/7. We feel responsible for our landlord's lawn, but no one, and I mean no one (except golf course) is trying to keep ahead of this drought. We are hoping that the rest of the summer brings some rain!

Debra Journet said...

We only put fans in our windows today--really the first hot day we have experienced. Maybe summer is arriving.

Susan Griffin said...

Sweater weather is great, but I hope you get some (moderate) summer weather soon.