Friday, March 11, 2016

The Perfect Art Nouveau House (Or, a cure for feeling discombobulated in Budapest)

We arrived over a week ago, but when we got here we were pretty discombobulated: the product of all the stress of buying a condo, fixing our house, living with workers, trying to pack, plus jet lag and general fatigue.  As a remedy we went on a walk on Varosligeti Fasor, which is a small street where very rich people built summer villas.  This one by Kalman Karossy is one of my favorites.  Indeed, it ticks al the boxes for the perfect Art Nouveau Villa.

It is highly decorated but nonetheless restrained.

It has a peacock, the ultimate Art Nouveau symbol.

It has a beautiful gate.

And Korossy built it for himself, a fact he acknowledges in the top of the facade.

It reminds me of why I love the architecture of this city so much, and how it lives up to repeated views.



sjsm said...

So beautiful. I love seeing Europe vicariously through your eyes. Keep the photos coming!

Susan Griffin said...

The gates in particular are amazing!

Marilyn Cooper said...

I love the stained glass!