Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Walk with Cindy and the Dogs

Sparky, Lucy, and Cindy

Almost every day this summer I have walked in the morning with Cindy Selfe and her two dogs, Sparky and Lucy. Sparky and Lucy are brother and sister, though their mother apparently slept around because though they were from the same litter, they had different fathers.  They have very different tempraments, but they take care of each other, and then Cindy and then me.

Each day we walk four miles.  Down our road, Frimodig Rd, to Lake Medora Rd, then up to where Lake Medora splits.  Two miles each way.  Here we are starting from my house.

And here's the turn-off to Lake Medora Road.

Here is our piece of "road art," early on Lake Medora Road.

And here is our road, where we walk together with the dogs, talking about what we are reading, our hoped-for round the world trip, our day-to-day activities, and various other topics.  Our motto is what is said on the road, stays on the road.

Our road continues.  Here we are at about the quarter way point, one mile up the two mile road.

And here we are just about at the turn around, whereupon we walk down the road in reverse.

Lots of interesting things on our walk, like deer tracks

And wildflowers

But the absolute best part of the walk is Lucy, Sparky and Cindy.  Alas, they will soon return to Ohio State to get ready for the new academic year. I will (try) to continue this regular walk but it will not be anywhere near as much fun as it is with Cindy et al.  



Caree Risover said...

Man's best friend, the dog. Unfortunately it's reputedly unkind to have one when you are working and have to leave it for hours and then when you retire and want to go out or travel for long periods, a dog is too tying. I guess we all need a Cindy so we can borrow her dogs for a while.

Debra Journet said...

Cindy's dogs get a lot of attention. Especially Lucy (the smaller one), She is really cute--and she knows it. A little prima donna.

Tracy Altieri said...

What a lovely walk! And I love the story of Sparky and Lucy's lineage!

Debra Journet said...

I am not normally a "dog person," but those two cuties are pretty irresistible

Nasty, Brutish and Short said...

Your garden looks great. What are the blue flowers?

Debra Journet said...

Thanks! I am really trying to keep the garden alive and growing. If you mean the blue flowers in front, they're delphinium. I just planted s few to see if they would grow in my yard. They did pretty well , and next year I'm going to try a full border