Sunday, June 7, 2015


We left  for Lake Medora, near Houghton MI on May 24.  We arrived on May 26.  On May 30, we were scheduled to drive to the Computers and Writing Conference.  I thought we were going to Menominee MI, which is about 250 miles from where we live in Michigan.  No.  As I discovered while perusing the map more carefully en route to Lake Medora, we were actually going to Menomonie WI, which was about 375 miles.  Uh Oh.

The session in which I participated in was on Sunday May 31 at 8:30 am.  We had planned to drive there Saturday and then leave right after the session and drive home the same day.  That was when we thought we would be 250 miles from home. Now we had 375 miles (on mostly 2 lane roads) drive with a stop to buy groceries in Houghton.  So it turned into a spend the night drive.

Happily, I am not attributing this ridiculous error to getting older, as it is exactly the kind of thing I might have done when I was younger.  (E.g., the time we had to spend the day in New York because I mixed up am with pm.)

The session was great.  It was in connection with a special issue of Computers and Composition and Computers and Composition OnLine, devoted to 30 years of CWIC and DMAC, two professional development workshops for teachers run by my great friend Cindy Selfe.  I had a piece in the Computers and Composition Online issue.

And MenomONIE is a really pretty town. This is the 1890 Mabel Tainter Memorial Building.  (Have to get some architecture in.)

But it was a hectic start to an already hectic occasion.  We arrived home to a washing machine that wouldn't stop running water even after it was turned off and unplugged.  (Water-intake valve; shut off the water supply).  Then a complicated attempt to get a repair person here (no cell phone service).  ETC.  I wish it was a better story, but it's really the anti-narrative:  "one damned thing after another."

I am back, though, and ready to blog!

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