Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Budapest Zoo. More Architecture and Lunch at Gundel.

Yesterday, we went to the zoo.  Now I am not normally a zoo-fan, but I wanted to see the Budapest Zoo because it was built around the turn of the century and many of the animal houses were designed by notable architects.  The most famous buildings are the entrance   

Decoratedwith stone animals

And beautiful tiles

Also famous is the Elephant House (Kornel Neuschloss-Knusli)

With so many gorgeous details

And there are even some real elephants (and lots of other animals). 

The Zoo is filled with sculptures of real and fantastical animals

And there's an Aquarium with tiled fish everywhere

And for those of you who are utterly sick of architecture (I know who you are!), here is a picture from lunch.  We went to the famous Gundel restaurant in the park 

And shared the even more famous Gundel Pancake for dessert.

For those who are interested, opinion was split between people who like nuts and people who don't.  Opinion was unanimously enthusiastic about the delicious Gundel Brut champagne.

We are back on the road tomorrow.  Heading for Timisoara, Romania where we will meet MaryP (UofL colleague), go to an academic conference (I keep thinking those are done, but somehow. . . ) and see some friends.  Will be back on the blog over the weekend.   

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  1. Brought a smile to my face - that entrance as well as the elephant "mosque" and aquarium are simply fantastic. There must surely be many tourists who visit to look at the buildings more than the animals